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Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Featured, Homepage |

Best place in America to visit for Christmas

Best place in America to visit for Christmas


logo_smFew places are as festive for the holidays as the Georgetown Square.  We really do it right.  The lights.  The colors.  The beautiful architecture.  The 12′ tall Nutcracker Soldiers. All together, the Square is a magical place between Thanksgiving and New Years.

No doubt that’s why the Georgetown Square was voted “7th Best Place in America to visit for Christmas” in 2015.  Wow! No small accomplishment when you consider how many places there are in America.  That’s right:  millions.  And we’re No. 7.

This holiday season, come see for yourself how amazing the season can be — and help make us #1 in 2016!

Here’s what they said about us:

7. Georgetown, Texas, has huge wooden nutcracker soldiers dotting the streets, an annual window display competition between 18 stores for the most lavish Christmas show, and the 35th Annual Christmas Stroll through Georgetown Square’s Bethlehem Village, which is like a Christmas card come to life. You may even see the Grinch and his pals in Whoo-Village.


photo credit:  Rudi Ximenez, RSX Studios

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Posted by on Jul 17, 2015 in Building News, Homepage |

Virtual Suites Now Available!

logo_smPhysical office space in the Old Masonic Lodge Building is extremely limited (we have one availability).  But now it’s possible to make the Building your business’s official address for a fraction of the cost by using the mailbox service we call the “Virtual Suite.”

Get a street address and be locally indexed by Google
Google won’t map or index you as a “local business” if you have a PO Box as your official address.  That can be devastating for small, local businesses that compete for Georgetown/Williamson County customers, but don’t need an actual office.  For example plumbers, carpenters, piano-tuners — basically anyone who makes “house calls” and works out of their home office.   With our Virtual Suite program, not only will you get a more prestigious street address for your small business, you’ll get one that Google will index as local.  And that means customers can more easily find you when they search for what you do.

Yes, UPS will deliver
UPS won’t deliver to a PO Box, but they they will deliver to us.  As long as your package does not require a signature, UPS will leave it with us, and we’ll let you know it is here.

We’ll notify you when you get mail
When you get mail at your Virtual Suite, we’ll send you a text or email to let you know that something has arrived.  No need to make the trip over here if there’s nothing here for you.  With our Virtual Suites, you’ll know.

Look the part when someone does a Street View
Potential customers do research on businesses before making that first phone call.  Having a good presentation in this phase of the process is critical.  With our Virtual Suites program, here’s what your prospect will see when Googling your address.  Compare that first impression with what your prospect might get when researching other mailbox services providers.

Working on the Square
One of the great things about Virtual Suites mailbox service is our location in the middle of it all.

Even without a desk and chair on the Square, there’s a ton of great ways to use the Square as your virtual office! The entire downtown is a free WiFi hotspot provided by the City of Georgetown.  But many of our restaurants and coffeeshops offer free WiFi too. We’ve got A LOT of great places you can sit down, plug-in, collaborate with others or meet with prospects.  Here we offer zest, and the stimulation of a vibrant downtown — there’s literally always something going on.  And with our new Virtual Suites, you can do all that and collect your mail too.

See how good work life can be on the Historic Courthouse Square!


Call 512.633.2961 for more information!



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Posted by on Jun 17, 2014 in Building News, Homepage |

Side Door Restoration

logo_smAfter 114 years of faithful and — largely uninterrupted —  service, our 7th Street doors are receiving a well-deserved restoration.  A century of Central Texas weather, constant high-volume use and their own sheer weight had taken their toll.  The grand double-doors — along with their sidelights and the companion door/windows that flank both sides are all being lovingly restored.

We’ll start with the center doors and then make our way from left to right.  We’ve asked craftsman David Boringer to help return these doors to health.  The constant foot traffic along the sidewalk can be distracting, so David likes to work late when the Square get’s quiet.  If you see David working late, give him a wave.  He’s doing a fantastic job. We sure appreciate you, David!


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Work and Play in an Amazing Place

This is the iconic and historic Old Masonic Lodge Building on the historic Courthouse Square, in vibrant and beautifully restored downtown Georgetown, Texas. This is a Class A 3-storey commercial structure that features restaurant, lounge and banquet facilities on the first and second floors, and professional executive office space on the third floor. Call now for a private viewing at the number below!

Rare and Unique

Lobby, Grand Stair and 2nd Floor Mezzanine

The Old Masonic Lodge is a spectacular landmark building located on Georgetown’s historic courthouse Square. It is among the largest, most historic, and most prominent commercial properties on the historic downtown courthouse Square. It is the tallest building directly on the downtown Square, and is only one of a very few that offer professional office space.  This graceful and dignified historic landmark was built in 1900, and completely renovated in 2003. 118 years old, the building is grand and stately, and since it’s 2003 renovation, it also boasts 21st Century infrastructure, such as modern elevators, ADA compliancy and blisteringly fast fiber-optic broadband capability.

When Location Matters

2003 renovation consisted of addition of the balcony, along with exhaustive interior enhancements

This is a 118 year-old hand-crafted cut stone historic building listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Few restaurants or working professionals really need to be in located in such an extraordinary space. But some business concepts really benefit from it. With its storied history, its iconic status in Georgetown, it’s distinctive onion dome, cut stone arches, marble lobby and solid oak finishings, the Old Masonic Lodge Building is an amazing place to work to work and play. With a plethora of great dining options on the Square, working in downtown Georgetown offers a magical quality of life. If you want to escape from the drudgery of fluorescent bulbs, office cubicles, strip malls and business parks,  working on the Square is utterly invigorating and refreshing. Here we offer zest, culture, and the stimulation of a vibrant small-town downtown.  Work and play in the energy and vitality of a bustling business district.  We offer walking-distance access to banks, coffee shops, restaurants, fine retail, pastries, title companies, beauty salons,  government offices, and the county courthouse. There is just about always something interesting going on downtown.

If your concept will do just fine in a strip mall — we’re sure you’ll find something suitable to your needs elsewhere. But if you need the timeless grace and authentic splendor of this magnificent structure to convey, augment and support your business concept and brand, welcome home! Please call the number below to schedule a private tour!

So you think the building looks familiar …

Besides the county courthouse across the street, this is probably the most photographed building in Williamson County, so there is a high likelihood you’ve seen us in area magazines, pamphlets, advertisements — even logos.  And if you were a fan of NBC’s Friday Night Lights, you may recognize us from Season 5 (the first floor was transformed into a “New England” restaurant).  More recently, scenes from Richard Linklater’s film Bernie were filmed on our 3rd Floor (3rd Floor offices were transformed into the Sheriffs office and the Chamber of Commerce office). Bernie starred Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine and Matthew McConaughey, and was released in 2012.  Most recently we were featured in HBO’s Love and Death mini series (2023), starring Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons.

Or maybe you saw us Fortune Magazine (Georgetown:  Best place to Live and Launch) or in Forbes Magazine’s list of fastest growing counties in America. No?  Hmm.  How about MSN Real Estate’s #3 Placement in their recent listing of America’s 10 Best Suburbs? (Go Georgetown!)

We’re trying to keep track.  Check out our In the Media gallery for all the cameo appearances the building has had in recent years!

What’s so special about Williamson County?

The Old Masonic Lodge Building, Main and 7th Streets, downtown Georgetown, Texas.

Williamson County is the fastest growing part of the Austin/Georgetown, Texas Metropolitan Area. It’s been booming here in recent years, with so much business growth and momentum it is consistently ranked among the fastest growing counties in the United States. Even now — in the midst of a national economic slowdown — Williamson County is still way ahead of the pack.

We invite you to consider the possibilities of locating your appropriate business concept to to the Old Masonic Lodge Building in Georgetown, Texas.  Please call 512.633.2961 to arrange for a private viewing!



Call 512.633.2961 for more information!



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