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Virtual Suites: AVAILABLE!

Virtual Suite, $100/mos


logo_smPhysical office space in the Old Masonic Lodge Building is extremely limited (we have one availability). But now it’s possible to make the Building your business’s official address for a fraction of the cost by using the mailbox service we call the “Virtual Suite.”

Get a street address and be locally indexed by Google
Google won’t map or index you as a “local business” if you have a PO Box as your official address. That can be devastating for small, local businesses that compete for Georgetown/Williamson County customers, but don’t need an actual office. For example plumbers, carpenters, piano-tuners — basically anyone who makes “house calls” and works out of their home office. With our Virtual Suite program, not only will you get a more prestigious street address for your small business, you’ll get one that Google will index as local. And that means customers can more easily find you when they search for what you do.

Yes, UPS will deliver
UPS won’t deliver to a PO Box, but they they will deliver to us. As long as your package does not require a signature, UPS will leave it with us, and we’ll let you know it is here.

We’ll notify you when you get mail
When you get mail at your Virtual Suite, we’ll send you a text or email to let you know that something has arrived. No need to make the trip over here if there’s nothing here for you. With our Virtual Suites, you’ll know.

Look the part when someone does a Street View
Potential customers do research on businesses before making that first phone call. Having a good presentation in this phase of the process is critical. With our Virtual Suites program, here’s what your prospect will see when Googling your address. Compare that first impression with what your prospect might get when researching other mailbox services providers.

Working on the Square
One of the great things about Virtual Suites mailbox service is our location in the middle of it all.

Even without a desk and chair on the Square, there’s a ton of great ways to use the Square as your virtual office! The entire downtown is a free WiFi hotspot provided by the City of Georgetown. But many of our restaurants and coffeeshops offer free WiFi too. We’ve got A LOT of great places you can sit down, plug-in, collaborate with others or meet with prospects. Here we offer zest, and the stimulation of a vibrant downtown — there’s literally always something going on. And with our new Virtual Suites, you can do all that and collect your mail too.

See how good work life can be on the Historic Courthouse Square!


Call 512.633.2961 for more information!